If You’re Homeschooled & You Know It, Clap Your Hands!

•April 15, 2007 • Leave a Comment

I took the ACT this morning. I was nervous. All the students had to wait outside in the freezing weather until the school doors opened. I could see all the feelings of my peers through their facial expressions. There were a few who looked happy as a clam because they had been waiting and preparing for this moment since the day they were born, their first word was “scholarship”, and they had searched and searched for the perfect No.2, soft-lead pencil, to fill in the answer bubbles. Then there were those who you could tell had just found out this morning that they were taking the test. There were the few Jocks who knew they would get into school with a sports scholarship and a GPA average of 3.0. Then there was my crowd…homies…gang? The homeschoolers.

Naturally, the homeschoolers crowd around one another to exchange cake recipes, compare who has the most siblings, and debate where the best place is to get the cheapest curriculum (Mardel, Homeschool Garage Sale, or Biblomania?). I do know how to socialize with this sect of people, but do they know how to with me? See, I am what they call Home Schooled. Notice the space between home and school? I am not Homeschooled, but Home Schooled. I am different. I am spaced.

Some of you may not know what I am talking about. Some, know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

So anyway…In my testing room, there was a Homeschooler; no space. He had his witness wear, tapered…well everything and, well , you get it. He was homeschooled and everyone could tell. The sad thing was that the teacher had to repeat the testing instructions to him multiple times. ” Do not open your booklet until instructed to” she would say, “I said don’t open it!” she would repeat directly to the homeschooler. It began to get very irritating. He wouldn’t listen to instruction.

So, In conclusion, is wrong of me to assume and call someone a homeschooler? Do you think it is possible to KNOW someone is homeschooled?